Zero pesticides

Our greens are grown with the use of zero pesticides, using only natural ways to control any pests. This ensures you can enjoy our nutritious greens without worrying about chemicals.

Grown in Alberta

Year round, we grow our inspired greens in Coaldale, AB.  This means we can supply all of Canada with fresh and local greens in sun or snow.

sustainably grown

Our growing system results in huge water savings. Each head is grown using 1 liter of water - compared to 100-120 liters of water used for field grown lettuce..

greenhouse clean

Our greenhouse is one of a kind, designed to grow beautiful, tasty and inspiring greens with sustainability in mind. Because we grown inside, our lettuce is as clean as can be.

in the crisper

When you bring your greens home, check the root pot to see if it is moist. If it’s starting to dry out, give the pot a drink of water and place back into its bag. Then, place your greens in your fridge (preferably in your crisper).


Water the pot approx 1 time per week or when its starting to dry out for longer life, enjoy!

on the counter

For quick access to graze your yummy greens you can leave it on the counter! Place the leafy greens in a glass or vase with water half way up the root pot.


Replace the water every 2 to 3 days and pick off leaves as you go while you enjoy the beauty of the vibrant leaves.

Michael Veldman and his team are the expert growers at our Whole Leaf greenhouses in Coaldale, AB. They ensure that each leafy green is thriving within each stage of its life; with over 20 million heads a year – that’s no simple task! From seed selection & propagation to the growing cycle & harvesting of the lettuce, they make great taste look easy…

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