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Our greenhouses are located in Lethbridge County, Alberta, Canada, where we are up to our nose in leafy greens.  See our frequent asked questions and answers below, or if you need to get in touch contact our main office:


2941 Portage Ave

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

S7J 3S6




  • Is it organic?

    Inspired Greens are “grown clean” in every possible way; including being grown without the use of pesticides and untouched by human hands throughout their life cycle in the greenhouse. However, being grown hydroponically means that they cannot be organically certified in Canada.

  • is it Pesticide-Free?

    Inspired Greens are grown hydroponically in our high-tech greenhouse without the use of pesticides. We also use untreated seeds so that our lettuce is as clean and as natural as possible.

  • Is it GMO?

    Our greens are not genetically modified.

  • Is it Sustainable?

    Our greenhouse combines innovative technologies that allow us to recycle 99% of our water and also recapture heat and CO2, which considerably reduces our carbon footprint.

  • How are plants fertilized?

    Inspired Greens are given a nutrient blend of natural minerals via our hydroponic growing system. This nutrient blend is food grade certified.

  • Do I need to wash it?

    Grown clean in natural Canadian sourced peat, with zero pesticides, and untouched by human hands they are safe to eat. However, as we cannot control who they are touched by once they reach your grocery store, we recommend giving them a rinse before eating. If you prefer pre-washed and cut lettuce, look for our Inspired Leaves.

  • How do i store it?

    Your Inspired Greens can be stored upright in the fridge or on your counter with the roots in a small amount of water. For best results, give the roots a small drink of water and store it in your crisper. Find additional care tips on the Growing & Care page.

  • Can I plant it?

    The pot on your Inspired Greens allows the leafy greens to remain fresher for longer, giving you the highest nutrition possible. If you decide to re-pot it, we can't guarantee success or that the flavour profile will stay the same as when you purchased it.

  • How do i reseal my container?

    Our Inspired Leaves resealable film has an inset “Open Here” tab in  the bottom right hand corner.  Checkout this instructional video showing the new tab location and reseal action.

  • How do I recycle your packaging?

    We proudly use grade 1, & 4 plastics, which are the easiest plastics to recycle and the most widely accepted.

    To recycle, just wash your container, or sleeve, and place it in the blue bin!

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