Zero pesticides

Our greens are grown with the use of zero pesticides, using only natural ways to control any pests. This ensures you can enjoy our nutritious greens without worrying about chemicals.

At Inspired, we take our role of caring for our planet seriously.

We utilize several innovative growing technologies to reduce our carbon footprint, water usage and environmental impact.

sustainably grown

One head of Inspired Greens grows with 92% less water than its field-grown counterpart. We recycle and reuse up to 98% of our water through condensation collection and hydroponic recirculation.

Grown in Alberta

Year round, we grow our inspired greens in Lethbridge County, AB.  This means we can supply all of Canada with fresh and local greens in sun or snow.

greenhouse clean

Our greenhouses are designed to grow beautiful, tasty and inspiring greens with sustainability in mind. Because we grown inside, our lettuce is as clean as can be.

Our expert growers work tirelessly to ensure each leafy green is cared for and thriving throughout its life, from the greenhouse to your local store.

Our state-of-the-art greenhouses produce over 20 million heads a year, which is no simple task!  From propagation to picking, our growing team makes great taste look easy!


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